Licenses overview

Did you know that when you purchase an item from one of our marketplaces, you’re actually purchasing a license to use that item?So it pays to understand our licenses!



Sound Effects




Standard Licenses

The majority of our items (themes, code, graphics, 3D and flash) are covered by our Standard Licenses. If your end product including the item is going to be free to the end user then a Regular License is what you need. An Extended License is required if the end user must pay to use the end product.

Music Licenses

Need some music for your next corporate video or the next blockbuster smash hit? We have five Music Licenses (Music Standard, Music Broadcast (1 Million), Music Mass Production, Music Broadcast (10 Million) and Music Broadcast & Film) that have you covered! Each license has been specifically crafted to suit the specific needs of users of production music.

SFX Licenses

Our SFX Licenses have you covered for all of your sound effects needs, from your animated videos to your next major video game title! Our SFX (Single Use) License lets you use a sound effect in one End Product (as the name of the license suggests!), but with our SFX (Multi-Use) License you can use the sound effect in an unlimited number of end products and with different clients.

Video Licenses

Our Video Media Licenses have you covered for all of your video footage needs, from your YouTube promo gone viral to the next Academy Award winning flick! Our Video Media (Single Use) License lets you use a piece of stock video or motion graphics footage in one End Product (as the name of the license suggests!), but with our Video Media (Multi-Use) License you can use the footage in an unlimited number of end products and with different clients.

Photo Licenses

Our Photo Licenses cover all your photo needs, from a photo used for your latest band poster all the way through to a global print ad campaign. Our PhotoDune Regular License has a reproduction limit of 500,000, but with our PhotoDune Extended License you can make an unlimited number of copies!

Specialty Licenses

We offer a variety of Specialty Licenses to suit the unique needs and uses of our diverse marketplace items.

Logo License

Our Logo License is a non-exclusive license specifically for the development of a logo. One license covers the use of the item in one unique logo design (the end product). The final logo itself can then be used in multiple, unlimited ways.

T-Shirt Licenses

T-Shirt Licenses cover both a limited and unlimited print run using our specialty t-shirt design templates.

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